NDA Architects

Sustainable Architecture and Planning

NDA Architects

NDA has a strict focus on sustainable development and positive impact on People & Place. With over 300 completed projects they are hugely influential in their core markets of Asia and the Middle East and are primed to go truly global. 

We help them with all their messaging and communications, both in China, and internationally. This includes setting the tone and narrative.

GenNow is thrilled to be a meaningful part of NDA’s growth as they continue to plan and design spaces that truly enrich humanity and the environment. 

GenNow provides

Strategic Content Planning, Written Content Creation, Social Media Management, Architectural Videography

The Impact

  • Strategised messaging that focuses on People & Place
  • Simultaneous narratives divided along B2C and B2B lines
  • Increased fan engagement across all social media platforms by factors of 100
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