Xijiao State GuestHouse

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Shanghai Xijiao State Guesthouse

Xijiao Hotel is Shanghai’s flagship hotel, where heads of state, royalty and politicians are entertained when in China’s economic capital.

We’re tasked with bringing this grand old dame into the new world, and refreshed the image by presenting it as “Shanghai’s Best Kept Secret”, a story which media love to share.

Within 3 months of operating the WeChat account, we’ve brought in 30% of the entire revenue the WeChat account has made in the past 3 years.

GenNow provides

Media Relations and Social Media Management

The Impact

  • Using the slogan of “Shanghai’s Best Kept Secret”, we’ve attracted media and KOLs to give present a new, warmer and more welcoming hotel that positions as Shanghai’s premier garden hotel and in touch with a new generation of consumer.
  • A strong WeChat presence that regularly gains 4000 impressions per post.
  • Streamlining the user purchase journey on WeChat that has resulted in 30% of overall revenue since the WeChat was started 3 years ago, in only 3 months.
大堂 Lobby
莲花台下午茶 Lotus Platform Afternoon Tea (5)
西郊宾馆花园 Xijiao Hotel Private Gardens (5)
下午茶在1921 Afternoon Tea at 1921 (3)