Who are GenNow?

We are a product of

our vision

GenNow was founded in 2017 by Lucien Pang with a singular purpose. To ensure brands connect, speak to and, resonate with China’s new generation of consumers.

Emotive, thought-provoking and impactful messaging is what GenNow is all about.

GenNow has grown from a single former journalist to a diverse team of creatives, thinkers and doers. 

1. Impact

Driven by a team of passionate individuals working as a cohesive force, GenNow always gives it best. We work harder, do more and go further for our clients than any other agency.

2. Transparency

Our clients deserve transparent communication; we're always honest, always clear and always on time.

3. Diversity

Our diversity is our greatest strength. Diverse in experience and culture, we’re a western lead Shanghai-based boutique agency. We specialise in working across cultures in multiple industries.


Lucien Pang

British born, Half Chinese and raised in 5 countries, Lucien is the definition of an international citizen. 

Before founding GenNow Communications, Lucien was a lifestyle reporter in both the UK and China. His main focus was travel, hospitality and wellness.

Now an influencer in his own right, Lucien also frequently speaks on panels and serves as MC for events like MWC and the KOL Summit.

Social Media Director

Claire Lily Squire

Claire Lily Squire is a WeChat marketing specialist from the UK. Specialising in content strategy and content creation, Claire has a background in journalism meaning she has a keen eye for a great story. She helps brands convey key messages to their audience in exciting and innovative ways. 

Claire is a thought leader in the social media marketing sector and regularly speaks at key industry events

PR Director

Alex Liu

Alex Liu lives and breathes PR. He’s spent his entire career in public relations, building up networks with China’s most influential media and influencers.

His insights and throroughness are second to none and his world-class education at Edinburgh University gives him an incredible platform from which to see the world.

Alex has spent over 10 years helping luxury, travel and hospitality clients reach their utmost potential in China.

Operations Director

Rebecca Pan

Rebecca’s insight into how the Chinese consumer thinks is unparalleled. Her eye for fashion, and keen sense of trends keeps GenNow at the forefront of the communications industry.

Previously Rebecca was at event agency Riviera and fashion school Instituto Marangoni, and she received her education at The China Academy Of Art and a double master’s in Luxury Management at NEOMA in Paris and Politecnico de Milan.