Our Expertise

Understanding China

China is both the richest and most competitive market in the world. The scope of growth is unparalleled, but the waters need skillful navigation. 

Our Approach

China's increasingly sophisticated consumers look for brands that truly resonate with them. We localise your story for them.

How We Work

We provide complete PR solutions: strategy, media relations and content creation. Perfect for any brand looking to succeed in the Chinese market.

Media Matters


Chinese consumers are drawn to top media, influencers and celebrities.

We’ll help you curate a selection of influencers and media and tell your story exactly as it should be told, because when they truly believe in your values, they speak louder and stronger.

You need influencers who share your vision with their fans.

We have relationships with influencers and media that run years deep that you’ll be able to tap into immediately. 


There is no other country in the world that is as digital and mobile first as China.

85% of all internet traffic in China come from a mobile phone. Society is hyper connected and shares news and information faster that anywhere else in the world.

That’s why your story needs to be shaped for maximum shareability.

We created campaigns designed to maximise your ROI, that truly engage your audience.


Creativity runs through our veins

We utilise the unique insights and expertise of our team and combine this with our creativity. This means we create campaigns, concepts and content that are 100% unique and tailored to you.

Share your vision with us and let us help you find a story that will inspire people and capture new audiences.

research and analysis

There is nothing we love more than directly applying new learned knowledge.

We are always on top of our game when it comes to research and analysis.

We keep ourselves immersed in industry news, research reports and whitepapers, even having created and presented our Complete WeChat Content Handbook to audiences across China.