Nanjing Innovation Fair 创新大会: Corporate Innovation 初创企业和跨国企业资源对接

Innovation Fair is back on the 25th and 26th of June and bigger than ever! Having inspired this year’s Nanjing Tech Week (25th-29th June), Innovation Fair welcomes 3,000 visitors, 150 corporates and 300 startups Exploring, Collaborating and Innovating!


[So, what is Innovation Fair?]


Innovation Fair is Nanjing’s best tech event; supporting corporate innovation by connecting startups and corporates, in parallel with ultra-high level conferenceswith officials from Europe and Nanjing.


Its inaugural 2018 event put Nanjing on the global innovation map and inspired Nanjing Tech Week which goes on from the 25th to the 29th. So this year Innovation Fair will be opening Nanjing Tech Week with a 2 day event connecting corporates and startups, with a high level conference.


[What do I need to know about Innovation Fair?]


Nanjing’s innovation scene is taking off in a big way, and Innovation Fair is spearheading the take-off!


Innovation Fair has a strong track record of delivering which is why it’s been incorporated into Nanjing Tech Week and is strategic partner and advisor helping bring the innovation communities together.


To startups, Nanjing has long been under the radar. But large corporates have had R&D centres in the city for years. That’s because the city has one of thehighest ratios of students in China, great transport infrastructure and prime location in the country.


[Why do I need to be there?]


You need to be at Innovation Fair because it’s the perfect combination of innovation, support and potential!


Innovation Fair will be exploring the fields of Smart Hardware, New Energy Tech, Life Sciences, Food Tech, New Materials, Eco Tech, AI Big Data and IoT Information Flow.


For startups: there’ll be dozens of corporates on the lookout for the latest startup innovation, including Ford, Aden, Bosch, Xiaomi, Alibaba and so many others.

关于初创企业: 将有数十家企业在寻找最新的初创创新,包括福特(Ford)、亚丁(Aden)、博世(Bosch)、小米、阿里巴巴(Alibaba)等。

For corporates: there’ll be hundreds of startups from 15 countries showing off their latest tech and looking for corporates to collaborate with.

关于企业: 将有来自15个国家的数百家初创企业展示他们最新的技术,并寻找合作伙伴。

For tech lovers: experience Nanjing’s most innovative event where all the city’s resources come into play.


[Who will be there?]


3000 visitors, 300 startups and 150 corporates coming from all over the world will attend!

Speakers include Nicolas Chapuis, EU Ambassador to China, Bernhard Weber, Chairman of EU Chamber Nanjing, Mr Zhang Jinghua, Nanjing Party Secretary, Alvaro Montoya, Co-founder of Akkadu Translation and more from the likes ofAlibaba, VDMA, BASF Venture Capital, Siemens, Tencent, ARM Accelerator, EU SME Centre, Startup Grind Nanjing, Innospace and China Unicom


演讲嘉宾包括欧盟驻华大使Nicolas Chapuis,南京欧盟商会主席Bernhard Weber,南京市委书记张敬华先生,Akkadu翻译联合创始人Alvaro Montoya以及阿里巴巴,VDMA,巴斯夫风险投资等公司,西门子,腾讯,ARM加速器,欧盟中小企业中心,南京Startup Grind,Innospace和中国联通。

[What’s the Conference about?]


The EUCCC High Level Innovation Fair Conference where local and foreign VIPs from Fortune 500 Companies Innovation, R&D and Engineering departments will be sharing and discussing topics such as: “International Cities Transformation through Technological Innovation” and “The Innovation Ecosystem”. This is a conference you will not want to miss!


[About Innovation Fair]


The Nanjing Innovation Fair is hosted by the EU Chamber of Commerce and Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibitions company and enjoys the full support of Nanjing Jianye District People’s Government.


Date and Time: 活动时间:

25th June 2019 13:30-17:30 High Level Conference

2019年6月25日 13:30-17:30 (峰会)

26th June 2019 14:00-16:00 Panels

2019年6月26日 14:00—17:30(分论坛)

26th June – 29th June 2019 10:00 – 17:30 Startup Matchmaking

Venue: 活动地点:


Nanjing International Expo Center Zhongshan Hall (Summit)


Nanjing International Expo Center 5th Hall 2nd Floor 5202、6th Hall 2nd Floor 6201、6202 Meeting Room (Sub-forum)

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